Kink Education in Philadelphia & South New Jersey

Mia Action is a prolific kink educator and lifestyle community organizer in Philadelphia and South New Jersey. Mia's educational background is in special education and fine arts; She uses her creativity, passion for teaching (and learning!) and enthusiasm about sexuality to create engaging and accessible workshops on a wide variety of topics. Her dynamic presentation style and inviting disposition make her an excellent choice for both formal and informal learning environments.

Mia is an expert in her field; She possesses a breadth of knowledge on alternative sexuality as well as exemplary group facilitation skills.

Mia has has offered her expertise to a wide array of institutions, such as The School of The Art Institute of Chicago, Haverford College, The Leather Archives & Museum, Kean University, Lutheran Settlement House, and Drexel University.

She has also worked with a number of kink organizations such as FemDom Philadelphia, Galleria Domain 2, The Owls Nest, 7 Days of Domination, Passional Boutique and Sexploratorium, The Twisted Leprechaun, Philly Music Hall, and more.

Podcast appearances include Dating Kinky, What Women Want, After Hours Sessions, Your Kinky Friends, and FemDom Mystique.

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Power Exchange

A relationship practice that involves intentionally giving or receiving control.


Erotic or psychological gratification from giving/receiving consensual pain.

Kink/Fetish Literacy

Helping to expand comfort with and understanding of unconventional sexual/relationship practices.

Sex Work

An umbrella term to describe exchanging money, goods, or services for erotic/sexual labor.

Community Education

Expand awareness, autonomy, and pleasure for people who are kinky.



Emotionally Charged Play: Humiliation Expanded

While ‘hard-skills’, such as impact play or bondage, are ‘emotionally charged’ activities in their own right, playing with the psyche comes with its own set of unique risks and rewards. This class is useful for anyone who is interested in playing with intense emotional states, exploring deeper bonds, or wants to understand and communicate their desires more effectively with their partners.


Your Dominance Toolkit

As Dominants, we are the architects of our Power Exchange dynamics. Let’s build up our tool kit and get down to business! This class is for new Dominants or switches who want help with building the tools and confidence required to explore Dominance.

We will cover:

  • Suggestions on how to ease into dirty talk and role play as a new Dom
  • Impact play basics and demonstration
  • Tips on maintaining power and control in your dynamics
  • And more! Come ready to roll up your sleeves, as this class is participatory and hands on!


Sadistic and Sensitive

This class is for those who want to be consensually vicious, cruel and ruthless during playtime, but find that the parts of themselves that are compassionate, people pleasing, shy, or uncertain can make it tough. Despite popular belief, these qualities do not have to be at odds with being sadistic. When harnessed effectively, sensitivity is an asset for engaging in sadomasochistic play. This workshop discusses some of the ways that sensitivity can seem like an obstacle in kink, and how to reframe and harness that sensitivity to strengthen your skills as a sadist. 


Under Her Thumb: Confidence for FemDoms

This soft skills intensive offers insights and resources to better understand the motivations behind some common FemDom fetishes and how they interact with a submissive’s desire to be Dominated. This discussion-based workshop will build your relational confidence, help you develop a wider breadth of knowledge around FemDom-centric fetishes that frequently arise in sessions, and how to apply this knowledge into dynamic and exciting play.


Erotic Needles 101 & 201

A a piercing enthusiasts, I believe that the possibilities for creativity, intensity, eroticism, and intimacy in needle play are unmatched.

Learning Outcomes include:

• Needle play negotiations for tops and bottoms

• Creating a comfortable piercing environment as a top & clear communication as a bottom

• Preparation and safety considerations

• Needle insertion techniques such as endorphin buttons, double passes, and skin manipulation


The Draws of Blood Play

From vampirism to needles, this class will shed light upon the many facets of blood fetishism, physical and emotional. We will cover the top and bottom perspectives and learn how the draws to blood play can influence your activities. Of course, having a solid understanding of the risks of blood play is important, and this class will cover the essentials.


Compassionate Care: Kink Literacy for Service Professionals

This class was developed with people who work for the public in mind. College students, therapists, social workers, doctors, teachers, and anyone else who could benefit from having a more nuanced understanding of alternative sexuality communities, including but not limited to polyamory, swingers, leather, BDSM, fetish, and sex workers. I will provide values clarification, key terms, and tools to manage supporting clients with non-normative sexualities. 


Breaking the S/M Binary

This class will break down the binaries that conflate Dominance and submission with Sadism and masochism. Dominant people can be masochists and submissive people can be Sadists and experiences of pain-play do not necessarily fit neatly into a hierarchical framework.


The Backbone of Alt Sex: Sex Work & BDSM Community

Sex Workers exist at the intersection of entertainment, education, and caretaking. In this lecture, I will discuss how sex workers are an integral part of alternative sexuality communities, and the many ways they enrich the lives of kinky people and beyond. Mia will give a breakdown of the complex interplay between lifestyle kink and sex work communities and how the lifestyle community can support sex workers.


Sexual Suffering: A Visual Survey of S&M

Sadomasochism, or the practice of giving and receiving consensual pain, is a vast, and sometimes contentious, cultural landscape. Its terrain is as varied and unique as the people who engage in it. This class celebrates the rich variety of S&M through photography and other visual media sourced from the Leather Archives & Museum and beyond.


Let's Lock it Up!: Chastity 101

Let’s Lock it Up’ will provide a framework for those interested in learning more about chastity to get started with orgasm control, whether you want to be the Keyholder. The class will cover definitions, explain why people enjoy orgasm control and also shed light on how chastity play overlaps with other common kinks and fetishes.


Erotic Disgust

Some fetishes override our basic survival responses such as fear, disgust, and shame. Come learn about the fascinating world of raunch play, fear play, consensual non-consent, and public exposure fetishes!

This is not an exhaustive list of class offerings. To learn more, send an email to

The Power Exchange Roundtable (PER)

The Power Exchange Roundtable (PER) is a New Jersey-based social, support, and discussion group dedicated to enriching the lives of people involved in Power Exchange Dynamics.

Founded in 2018, PER was previously hosted monthly in Philadelphia at the now-closed BDSM community center, Philly Music Hall. It has since moved to Southern New Jersey.

PER is an educational platform for those who are curious about Power Exchange (Dominant, submissive, switch, other) to learn about safety, ethics, and the many possibilities of what Power Exchange Dynamics can look like.

We also aim to cultivate a welcoming space for people who practice Power Exchange to discuss their relationships, learn, and receive feedback from their peers. It is open to people 18+ of all power exchange roles as well as all genders and sexual orientations! Both professional and lifestyle D/s practitioners are welcome.

PER hopes that improving visibility will foster a deeper understanding of Power Exchange within kink relationships, our sexualities, or individual journeys. PER encourages spirited discourse to hopefully build connections across difference in experience and outlook.

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Diverse Approaches

I adapt my teaching style to the strengths and needs of your group. I offer lectures, group facilitation, hands-on workshops, and private consulting.


I work with academic institutions, workplace trainings, kink/leather organizations, sex and adult toy stores, private groups, couples, and individuals.

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