Mistress Mia Action

Dominatrix, Disciplinarian, and BDSM Educator in Philadelphia, PA and South New Jersey.

About Mistress Mia

Mistress Mia Action is an experienced and highly skilled Dominatrix and disciplinarian based in Philadelphia and South New Jersey. Mistress Mia has been a professional Dominatrix for over seven years, but has been involved in this lifestyle for far longer. While Mistress Mia Action is a versatile practitioner of sadomasochism, Her specialties include corporal punishment and discipline, tickle torture, CBT, face smothering, and needle play.

Mistress Mia follows RACK (Risk Aware Consensual Kink) and takes great care to craft memorable and safe experiences for those who entrust Her with their bodies and minds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who do you see?

I see submissives, switches, masochists, and respectful fetishists regardless of gender, culture/background, or political affiliation, who are above 18 years of age with valid ID (Under 25 requires additional screening.)

Do I have to like pain to see you?

No. I craft sessions that are mutually enjoyable to both of us and always play within carefully negotiated boundaries.

What are your limits/what do you not offer?

I do not offer heavy raunch (scat/full toilet, roman showers/vomit, farting), extensive/heavily involved/ head-to-toe-makeovers/feminization, any activities involving non-consenting individuals or any other activity that permanently/profoundly harms (physically/mentally) my bottom. Touching without explicit verbal direction, disrespect, or aggressive behavior will not be tolerated. I also do not session without safe words.

I am interested in something I don't see on your "offerings" list.

Please send me a respectful message to inquire about activities not listed. Include your name, locatonmia@miaaction.com


Tattoos, Piercings
5, Nipples
Shoe Size
Bra Size
40 DD
Hair & Eye color
Dirty Blonde/Bright, Brown
Body Type
Favorite Cut Flower
Favorite Material
Voluptuous, BBW
Roses, Delphinium
Patent Leather, Silk

This site is currently under renovation. To request a screening application, kindly email mia@miaaction.com.